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Sunday Sessions:

Learning Lab #1

8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.


Compliance Tools to Obtain New Business and Keep What You Have

Speaker: Carolyn McNairy VP of Compliance Services, TASC

Track: Exceeding Client Expectations

This session will cover the impact of compliance on employee benefits in today’s environment, common issues, and the importance of employers being prepared for an audit. As Insurance Agents/Brokers, you have a responsibility to protect and prepare your clients with a basic knowledge of ERISA laws and requirements. Carolyn will go over the tools and resources available to help your clients comply with these highly-regulated employer requirements and how to make compliance a value-added service that solidifies current and new business.

Social Media: Moving From Beyond Buzzwords and in to an Effective Way to Grow Your Agency

Speaker: Jeanne Brandone Sales & Training Director eHealthApp

Track: Agency Growth & Transformation

This presentation will cover the most popular Social Media platforms and their uses in today’s health insurance market. Attendees will learn to establish a brand identity, target their core customer audience, and develop a social media strategy in order to inform, educate and interact with their clients.

Federal Healthcare Reform 2017 and Beyond

Speaker: David Grunke Speaker & Coach, Grunke Group, Inc.

Track: Preparing for Compliance Trouble Ahead

The election is over, but reforming the American health care landscape is far from over. Let’s look at the potential next steps. Will we, Repeal and Replace or Fix and Modify? The answer may be in four current approaches –

  • Healthcare Reform to Make America Great Again, Trump
  • Healthcare Accessibility, Empowerment and Liberty (HEAL) Act of 2016, GOP House
  • A Better Way, Health Care, GOP 2016 Platform
  • Empowering Patients First Act of 2015

Presence in Presenting

Speaker: Karen Kirkpatrick President on Your Mark Consultant

Track: Be a Better You

Presence in presenting begins with your intent (vision).  Intent drives preparation and delivery.  Preparation and delivery drive outcomes.  Whether you are presenting or accepting an award, introducing a speaker, delivering a sales pitch, speaking about a complicated topic, delivering a eulogy or simply telling someone what your passion is; you must first identify what your intent is.  Research, creativeness, actions, props and even mannerisms will take the lead from your intent.  When intent is undefined or in fact, ill; the outcomes will generally be undesirable. This session will not identify your intent.  It will; however, take you from that point to a successful moment when intent, delivery and outcomes confirm for your audience that their precious time was truly valued.  They might even be willing to give you more.

Everything Group Brokers Need to Know About

Speaker: Dwane McFerrin VP Medicare Solutions Senior Market Sales, Inc., Maggie Stedt Owner Stedt Insurance Services, and Joan Fusco Author/Reviewer/Instructor

Track: Medicare

With the rising costs of healthcare for those still working, active employees over age 65 want to consider lower cost alternatives! Presenters will cover a vast array of subjects vital to the Group Broker who doesn’t want to be left behind. Understanding the intricacies of Group and Medicare insurance and how they work will be pivotal as we race closer to 2020 when there will be over 65 million Medicare eligible in America.

Learning Lab #2

9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

Understanding the Real Causes of High Healthcare Costs

Speaker: Tim Callender VP, Sales & Marketing at The Phia Group, LLC

Track: Exceeding Client Expectations

This session is designed to address the issues that many members continue to ask: how will we control the rising cost of health care? Knowing that this question is the one left unaddressed in the midst of policy making at the state and federal level, we will address some of the key drivers such as reimbursement models, plan language and how to control exposure to unanticipated costs for a health benefit plan. Attendees should gain innovative ideas to use with their clients, particularly in self-funded arrangements, to find new ways to put in place controls that might mitigate higher costs.

Focusing ON Benefit Technology

Speaker: Brian Slutz Regional Sales Manager- hCentive

Track: Agency Growth & Transformation

What is the broker’s role as it relates to benefit technology?  This session will discuss where we’ve been and where Benefit Technology is headed while sharing statistical data to reinforce the opportunity.

Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light, GO!!

Speaker: Karen Kirkpatrick President On Your Mark Consulting

Track: Preparing for Compliance Trouble Ahead

Being Column A™ means being the advisor all other advisors are comparing to.  You must constantly be bringing new concepts and solutions to your clients.  Don’t stop there!  Make sure what you’re telling them is accurate (as of the date you’re telling them).  Make sure their implementation and administration is compliant.  There are both benefits and compliance traps associated with HRAs, HSAs, Wellness, Telemedicine, on-site clinics, federal vs. state changes, changing titles or timeframes to avoid the Employer Mandate, employee vs. 1099, size thresholds in companies, and invariably inconsistencies with policies/procedures vs. practice.  This is like a Catch-22 class.  Great concepts and solutions with great outcomes but acknowledge pitfalls and mitigate their liability.

Building Your Personal Legacy

Speaker: Judy Hissong Principal Legal Leadership Institute

Track: Be a Better You

Your legacy begins with core values and purposeful direction with your business. Core values bind your organization together – employees, clients, and stakeholders. Are you clear on yours? Are they inspirational or perspirational?  As the industry, and the country, evolves into the unknown, anchoring your agency in core values provides a foundation from which a map can be drawn to developing a stronger client base, and agency future. When participants leave this session, they will feel confident in their core values and understand the relationship between personal and business values.

Medicare’s Most Unusual Scenarios & Solutions

Speakers: John Parker Principal Parker Agency and Erin Fisher President at

NAHU Medicare Advisory

Track: Medicare

Many experienced agents working in the Medicare market run into situations and scenarios that too often create bad decision by your client and occasionally professional liability. This class is taught by real experts in Medicare who are often the reference for other Medicare agents nationally to answer those tough situations. This class will be focused on describing both the troublesome situations and helpful solutions that allow the client to make the best decision and you to know where to turn when you have your own.

Learning Lab #3

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Being Politically Neutral with Your Clients

Speaker: Jessica Waltman Forward Health Consulting and David Mordo Arthur J. Gallagher

Track: Exceeding Client Expectations

This session will provide you with talking points for both sides on how to stay positive while remaining calm and sounding like a voice of reason. There will be audience participation with shared stories about the craziest things/questions their clients have asked and then give options on how to handle it.

The Ideal Service Model: Self Service & Personal Engagement

Speaker: Christopher Ryan VP Strategic Advisory Services, ADP

Track: Agency Growth & Transformation

For two decades, the delivery model for administering employer group benefits has focused on self-service, driving lower administrative cost but also a more generic consumer experience. But with the advent of consumer directed health, voluntary benefits, and financial literacy, personal engagement has become critical.  This seminar will explore emerging service delivery models that result permit both Self-Service and Personal Engagement, resulting in smarter benefit choices, more effective use of benefits, and optimal health spending for each consumer. Key points discussed  will include strategic packaging of H&W and Voluntary Benefits, broadening Wellness to also focus on financial well being and redefining transactional and high touch service delivery for benefits.

Conducting a Self Audit of Health and Welfare Plans

Speaker: Marilyn Monahan Owner Monahan Law Office

Track: Preparing for Compliance Trouble Ahead

Scrutiny of health plans—by both the DOL and IRS—is increasing.  Producers and employers need to be prepared.  This program will take you through the essential steps every self-audit should include in order to ensure that employers are prepared for an audit and are satisfying their fiduciary obligations.  The program will also feature a discussion of common pitfalls, practical compliance tips, and best practices leading to a better understanding of what the DOL and IRS will be looking for in an audit, how the ACA has changed the scope of an employer’s administrative responsibilities, role the insurance producer plays in compliance and tips for bringing health plans into compliance.

Your Client Asked about LTC Insurance…Now What?

Speaker:  Steve Cain Director, Sales & Business Development LTCi Partners, Melissa Barnickel LTC Specialist Baygroup Insurance, Lori Martin LTC Specialist Envision Benefit Specialists

Track: Long Term Care

Many health insurance brokers are afraid to have the long-term care insurance conversation with their business owner clients for various reasons. We will discuss the current marketplace, the different insurance solutions available, opportunities and challenges, sales and enrollment strategies, and case studies.  This session will give you the tools necessary to effectively discuss LTC solutions with your client and either implement them yourself or partner with a specialist.

Marketing Medicare to Your Groups

Speakers: Colleen Gimbel VP of Marketing, Recruitment and Compliance, Berwick Insurance Group and Yolanda Webb, President, Webb Insurance Solutions

Track: Medicare

While there are millions of people turning 65 each year, many who are Medicare eligible work until the age of 67. This means there are millions of Medicare eligibles who are enrolled in Group plans; this increases Employer Group costs and it is potentially more expensive for the 65+ year old. This presentation will highlight the advantages of offering Medicare plans as an alternative and train agents on how to compliantly mine & market their groups for Medicare eligibles.

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